4 Ideas For Building an Alumni Community For Former Employees

One of the biggest mistakes an employer can make is not being intentional about the entire candidate experience. This includes the team members that choose to leave or are even fired. 

Check out this tweet by Joe Fernandez:

Even from a business and talent recruitment perspective keeping in touch with former team members is beneficial. It’s a great way for former team members to help your company maintain a positive external employer brand and even assist with any potential partnerships or business relationships with companies in the future. Not every departure from a company needs to be negative.

Here are five ways to build a community for former team members:

In Person Meetups

Alumni Slack Group

Company Alumni Swag

Alumni Video Testimonials

1. In-Person Meetups

In-person meetups

This is pretty self explanatory. Aim for a meetup 2x a year. A reunion! Invite everyone that was previously at the company. Food. Drinks (of all varieties). Have fun. Chat and enjoy. Show them that you STILL CARE. See how you can help them in any way possible. 

2. Alumni Slack Group

Create a slack group and invite every former team member. Alumni can share updates, what’s new with them whether personal or professional. Build a safespace where alumni can chat about career development as well.

3. Company Alumni Swag

Alumni Sweater

It’s really cool to see college alumni wearing college sweaters, shirts or gear. It definitely shows a level of pride in that institution and I’m sure helps to draw memories. Develop gear that indicates to former team members that they are still a part of the company and had a role to play in its growth. 

Company XYZ Alumni Sweaters
Company XYZ Class of 2020 Shirts (the year the team member departed)

Make it fun and memorable. 

For swag in general you should check out Swagup.

4. Alumni Video Testimonials

This is a fun one. There might not be a better testimonial of what it's like to work at a company than one from a former team member. Companies should be invested in the entire career development of company team members. As much as possible try to request an alumni to shoot a 2-3 minute video (nothing fancy) that can be done with an Iphone or a computer. Have them discuss why they left, what they are currently up to and what working at the company did for their career development. Make sure to share this content on all social platforms, internal company blogs and other channels.

What other ideas do you have?

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