4 Ideas For Maintaining Your Company Culture During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The Coronavirus has impacted nearly every aspect of the workplace. Companies left and right are becoming fully remote for the duration of the outbreak or until the foreseeable future. Remote work is an incredible option for companies but unfortunately few companies are equipped with the right tools and necessary experience to work remotely on such a short notice. With a bit of panic settling in these can be difficult times. We wanted to provide four Ideas to help you maintain a healthy and positive culture during these stressful times.

Quick Recording of Remote Office

Working remotely isn’t a new concept but some team members have more experience than others. One piece of advice that’s common for working remotely is to make your working space separate from where you relax. Whether it’s a desk in the living room or creating a distinct area strictly for working, it’s important to impose those boundaries. In addition to this, a fun idea is to have everyone do a quick “video tour” of their remote working space. Phone video is fine. Even using a video recording service from a laptop is fine. This can help team members get ideas for how to better improve their own remote working spaces. It’s also a fun way to get team members to engage with each other.

Online Games/Video Games

Ever heard of Fortnite? The game became viral in part because it fostered a collaborative environment for multiple players which created a fun shared experience amongst people worldwide. Find some games online. No need to make it mandatory. Invite a bunch of team members and have some fun. Could be a great way to get away from the monotony of working from home. 

P.S. Online Checkers or Connect 4 is Fun 😊

Weekly Check-In Recordings

It’s helpful to have weekly video based check-ins with team members when working remotely. You can use tools like Zoom or Google Hangout for this. This is pretty straightforward but makes even more sense while working remotely.

Internal Company Podcast

Have someone be the host of your company’s internal company podcast. He or she can do 30 minute conversations with different team members and have it featured in the company blog or newsletter. Feature team members at all levels, departments and backgrounds.

If you have any other ideas feel free to share at hello@socionado.com. We'll update the post!

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