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Jan 29, 2020

5 Creative Employer Branding Ideas For People Ops Leaders

There's a lot that people ops leaders have to deal with on a daily basis. To help out we've provided 5 creative employer branding ideas that would be fun and easy to implement.

1. Company Yearbook.

Imagine creating a physical yearbook for your company with images of all the exciting events that happened during the year as well as images of all your coworkers. The nostalgia of high school could be exciting (depending on your high school experience).

2. Employee Anniversary Videos.

There's something exciting about chronicling a journey. A fun and easy way to make team members feel appreciated and to be able to help them reflect is a video testimonial every quarter or six months discussing what they have learned, contributed and what excites them about the future of the company.

3. Employee Name Game.

We thought this was pretty interesting when we first saw this. If you have a growing company it can sometimes become easy to lose track of names of coworkers. Having a quick easy game created with prizes could be fun for the office and help build camaraderie.

4. Customer Service Role (Jimmy Kimmel Mean Tweets Edition).

Have you ever seen Jimmy Kimmel's mean tweets videos? Here's one below:

Building an employer brand means being authentic! That means the good and bad. A lot of companies are uncomfortable discussing the "bad" but don't realize that every company has some bad to it. Candidates appreciate companies keeping it real.

How about a "Mean Tweets" edition of your customer service representatives reading issues that some customers are having and then discussing how to respond and subsequent actions taken. This is a great way to give insight on some issues your customers face and how your company responds. It also lessens the sting of "the bad" because everyone recognizes that no customer service department or company is perfect.

5. Internal Company Podcast.

We love the idea of a company podcast. Checkout Netflix's company podcast here.

This is an awesome way for departments internally to get a better understanding of what other coworkers are like or working on. It's also a great way for potential candidates in a relaxed manner to hear candid conversation about everyday life at the company.

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