Consumer Brands Should Consider Instagram Highlights For Employer Brand Content

If you frequent Instagram it’s not uncommon to see B2B Instagram pages with Instagram handles such as:




The content posted on the social media channels for B2B channels tends to be employer branding content portraying workplace, culture, employees & more.

However as a consumer brand your employer brand still matters. Not only does it matter to attract talent but we are in a day and age where your customers also care about company culture as well.

It may be a lot for a consumer brand to also create a separate employer brand page on Instagram although companies like Netflix for example do it (Wearenetflix) here. Also, some consumer brands may not feel comfortable mixing employer branding content with consumer brand content on its main page.

This is where Instagram’s highlights section can be of great use.

There are a number of consumer brands that are using the Instagram highlights section/Instagram stories to highlight team members, workplace, culture and diversity.

Here are some examples below from Plenty Farms and MVMT.

Check out the highlights above the main page. For Plenty Farms they have dozens of stories featuring Plenty Farms Team Members. For MVMT they have a highlight called MVMT HQ.

Plenty Farms "Inside Plenty" Highlights

MVMT HQ Instagram Highlights

For consumer brands this is a great start to incorporating employer branding content on your Instagram page. You can even go further by specifying highlights spotlighting particular departments, features, thought leadership and more. With the amount of people that utilize Instagram don't underestimate this channel as a recruitment source.

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