How Envoy Can Take Advantage of Its Great Company Culture To Attract Talent

From our observation Envoy seems like an incredible place to work. Its mission and goal of making the workplace operate more efficiently is one that should resonate with anyone. The business is healthy and just recently raised a Series B. There are numerous Employee Resource Groups and real concern about the welfare of its team members. Across numerous company review sites there’s a consistent theme of growth and excitement working at Envoy.

From our estimation there are about 30 positions open and we believe that Envoy is definitely not taking advantage of its company culture to showcase why it’s an incredible place to work. This would improve awareness at the top of the talent acquisition funnel and help you to recruit more qualified talent and attract talent better.

1. Last Instagram Post for @Envoy.Inc was November 2019. There was a clear effort to feature employees on Instagram that eventually stopped. Why? As a growing company don’t underestimate the power of consistent content showcasing workplace and culture on Instagram as a recruiting tool and also to acquire customers or partnerships. The public facing image of Envoy matters and there should definitely be content posted on a daily basis.

2. Video Content. It’s clear that Envoy understands the power of video content because it has video content for its customer testimonials. How come there’s no video content of the workplace? Its employees? Even Envoy Alumni? What about it’s diversity? What about leadership describing what they are looking for in open positions? The power of seeing and hearing this type of content on career pages, job hiring sites, Linkedin, Twitter and company blog posts can make a significant difference. Cool photos of Envoy employees may not cut it in this competitive talent marketplace.

3. Podcast. I noticed the last podcast episode was in November as well. In the podcast it seems like Envoy was featuring its employees which is great. I’m not sure why it hasn’t been consistent but that’s a great way to not only get current employees excited about the work being done by their peers but also potential candidates.

Below is my quick video assessment.

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