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Jan 29, 2020

Q&A With Christina Kelly, Sales Marketing Channel Manager at Ninjacat

Christina Kelly is the sales marketing channel manager at Ninjacat which is a software that enables other companies to have control over their campaign data as well as automate the insights of that campaign data. She’s been working at Ninjacat for the past two and a half years and typically is in charge of the communication and the asset management between the sales and marketing team.

Christina Kellly, Sales Marketing Channel Manager at Ninjacat

How has the Coronavirus impacted you personally? How are you feeling about everything?

The Coronavirus has definitely had me unsettled along with everyone in the country and in the world. I mean this is a global scale issue. But I am very determined to remain calm and function as normal. I see this as an opportunity to better myself in many ways. Mentally, personally and professionally. I’m resigned to staying calm.

What was your day to day like before the Coronavirus and what is it like now?

My day to day before Coronavirus which feels like years ago at this point was different. I’m used to going outside and I do have several creative pursuits. I’m a singer and songwriter as well as a host of many sorts and I’m just so used to going out to meetings, practices and things like that. But now that I am truly stuck at home I would say that my days are a bit more focused just knowing that I have nowhere else to go. Sometimes that focus is interrupted by some frenetic energy which I just go far walk when I’m feeling that way to get that out. But for the most part I’m just being a bit more still these days.

Have you ever worked remotely before and do you have a remote work setup currently? What's it like?

So at Ninjacat we are lucky to be a remote company so our company is spread throughout three countries. We have folks in the UK, United States and Canada. Working from home is something that’s a bit familiar to me and I do have a remote work set up. I have my laptop and monitor here at my desk which is typically flushed with a tea mug, water bottle, notepads, several notebooks, and I do have some paints and colored pencils and a sketchpad just for bouts of colorful inspiration. So I do find myself rather well prepared for this.

How has your company supported you during the Coronavirus? Or support in general?

I must say that Ninjacat even before this Coronavirus pandemic has always been this very encouraging and embracing company. It really does operate like a family on a familial basis as far as transparency and I find that there really hasn’t been a change in that transparency and genuine care during this pandemic. It perhaps has even brought us a lot closer. A lot of my coworkers have families and have children at home due to the pandemic and I think it sort of expanded our capability of being this functional family working unit just extending a little bit of understanding to those with children or who may have older family members or their spouses at home. Just understanding that they may not be readily available because they are working two full time jobs now. Both at Ninjacat and being parents and caretakers and spouses and whatever other role that they may now have to do full time.

What do you do to break the monotony of working at home? Any hobbies or fun things?

Breaking the monotony of working from home is something that I’m definitely well versed in at this point. Like I said previously, I do have my paints and my colored pencils here at my workstation. I definitely take advantage of that. Just the freedom of being able to step away from the computer screen a bit and just get some colors out onto papers that always helps. I do a bout of deep breathing. That tends to break up the laser focus of just steadily typing and conceptualizing. Especially for those days when you have a ton of meetings going on it helps doing deep breathing, doing a bit of stretching, yoga. Having those little workout breaks. Exercise is super important when you’re basically sedentary for the entire day. Or going for walks. I find that helps too. I also like to cook. Maybe I’ll get up and make a little snack if I need to break things a bit. There’s a lot to do at home. We’re used to doing things on the road but there’s a ton to do at home.

What are your top 5 shows to watch now?

I must say that I’m super picky about my show selection. I do have a habit of going back and rewatching a lot of things. I would say that right now I’m in a steady rotation of The Office, Skins, Topboy, F is Family and The Chef. Gotta get some food in there.

What's the most interesting thing you've learned while working remotely?

I’d say the most interesting thing that I’ve learned while working remotely is that collaboration is super important. Very important. Ideals might be great. You might think that you are doing something well but having someone else’s input really does help to color the landscape and the context within which you are working. You don’t want to be the only voice shouting about something because that doesn’t allow for any growth or improvement. That’s a lesson I’ve taken to heart.

What current things are you working on work wise?

Currently I am working on a series of case studies that I have been conducting with some of our lovely clients that are going to be coming out soon. I’m really motivated to get some of our content pieces out which will definitely help our sales team in approaching our prospects in a more personalized way. Really excited about the launch of that case study series. 

What’s your dream dinner guest?

My dream dinner guest would be Frank Underwood from House of Cards. Yes, I know he’s just a character but he is played so well. The psychologist in me just wants to psychoanalyze him. I think he’s extremely interesting. 

What's The Working Title For Your Memoir?

The working title for my memoir would be “Lungs Full of Honey”. As a singer that would be very relevant. Also my life philosophy is very connected to bees and the way they make honey and sort of their hive culture. I have a very spiritual connection to the way honey is made. Now I think I’m going to go write that memoir. 

What's The Most Spontaneous Thing You've Done?

The most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done is probably go for a hike in the middle of November. I came across a lake and I felt very compelled to jump in the water. So I did. It instantly took my breath away and I don’t think I breathed for the 5 minutes I was in the water. But you only live once right?

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