Should Your Company Address The Ahmaud Arbery Murder With Employees?

Last week there was a lot of conversation on Linkedin about Ahmaud Arbery.

Should your organization address the murder of Ahmaud Arbery with your team

members or employees? Can you even consider your organization inclusive if you didn’t?

The Socionado team spoke with Michaela Henley and she shared a lot of great insight.

For her it wasn’t a clear yes or no. It was more a question of how and why.

If you were thinking of addressing it through a top-down email, slack message,

emergency town hall or sloppily thrown together focus group don’t even bother

as it comes across as inauthentic.

Also, it’s weird for companies to pick and choose crimes to report out on and not

talk about how the larger overarching issue behind these consistent crimes.

She said that need to normalize conversations around culture, diversity & inclusion

especially when they involve violence against a group of people. A way to start would

be to regularly distribute a company wide newsletter that covers these types of issues

weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

The past week or so people are treating this like it’s a black issue when in actuality

you should be affected by your fellow human being gunned down.

Check out the entire piece below.

What are your thoughts? Would love to hear them.

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